So what is different? Our holidays offer something more.. 'an experience' - at Inspirational Experiences we believe that everyone is different - with different goals, talents and expectations. We offer not just excellent holiday packages but also the type of break that you have always wanted but have found hard to find.

Inspirational Experiences exists to bring you the ultimate holiday concept. IE is a holiday Company that provides you with the opportunity to escape from your routine for a few days to simply experience what you love. IE provides an experience, born to give likeminded people, people with aspirations and dreams the break that they need and deserve. A holiday in which rest is a must, with a choice of activities that our clients are passionate about or are curious to discover.

At Inspirational Experiences we will make sure that you have the 'wow' factor in all of our luxury accommodation, food, wine, activity, pamper and fitness programmes. You will be assured of our personal attention; our hosts will be on hand at all times to share and motivate. Plus friendship - all of our holidays can be booked as singles, couples, groups or families, but you will always be assured of a great bunch to make sure that things go with a swing and always at an exceptional price.

Inspirational Experiences is not just another holiday company.

Our holidays will never be about numbers but the quality of the experience.

Most of all our holidays will always remain about you.

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